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About Us
We are a technology company focused on mapping solutions. We empower companies across Latin America using location data to improve and expand their businesses. We do this by adding value through our technology partners and through the development of applications based on maps and location solutions.

Our partners
HERE Technologies is a multinational company that develops mapping and geolocation services. Founded in 1985, HERE Technologies employs more than 9,000 people in 54
countries. This company is the largest geolocation company globally.

Is a platform (SaaS) that provides GIS and web map- ping tools to visualize information with a focus on decision making. The company is oriented as a Location Intelligence platform since it has tools with the capacity for data analysis and visualization and does not require previous experience in GIS development.

Our Skills



Javascript Development




Fast Solutions


Customer Suport


Lucas Dalesio
Operations Director CoFunder
Specialist in location technologies with more than 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship and generating successful businesses. Currently as director of operations of Marker leading operations in several countries.

Pablo Miras
Sales Director & CoFunder
Entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the map product market. Currently Sales Director at Marker, focused on democratizing the use of data in maps and helping companies create incredible experiences.

Christianne Souza
Business Development Mexico


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Daytime Phone #: (307) 217-8032